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Food supplement can't substitute full and balanced diet.

On 2021-Mar-07
DENTINALE-NATURA-nutritional supplementalaproximate price on "DENTINALE NATURA TUBO 20ml" in Riga city, Latvia is:

  • 14.99€  17.9$  12.94£  1332Rub  152.7SEK  69PLN  59.37₪ 



Vendor, principal: Montefarmaco Otc Spa
Product is not classified as medicament-drug in Latvia.

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Dentinale® natura

Baby teething gel for gums Dentinale® natura
Teething - the stage of baby development, accompanied with many unpleasant symptoms. When you choose a remedy to reduce the painful signs of teething, it is important to remember about their safety so as not to harm the baby even more.
Dentinale® natura is a baby teething gel with aloe vera, extracts of boswellia and chamomile
Dentinale® natura is a protective gum gel that is indirectly soothing for sensitive, irritated and inflamed gums; its flavour makes it particularly recommended for teething babies.
Gel Dentinale® natura has natural components: aloe vera, extracts of boswellia and chamomile
Its formulation forms a protective film, providing relief and a fresh sensation, indirectly relieving painful gums.
Dentinale® natura is harmless if swallowed, has a pleasant taste, does not contain sugar, and synthetic anesthetics (lidocaine, etc.).
How to use: strip some amount of gel onto your clean fingertip and massage it into the gums of your child. If necessary, gel can be applied up to 3-5 times a day. During 20-30 minutes after application, no food or drink intake is recommended lest the gel should remove early off the gums.
• lidocaine free
• sugar free
• parabens free
• harmless if swallowed
• tastes good
Dentinale® natura - calm and healthy sleep during teething!

• Product images are for illustrative purposes only and may differ from the actual product.


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