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Food supplement can't substitute full and balanced diet.

On 2020-Apr-08
RETINOLA-ACETATA-nutritional supplementalaproximate price on "RETINOLA ACETATA 3.44% 10ML MARBIOFARM" in Riga city, Latvia is:

  • 1.81€  1.97$  1.59£  149Rub  19.7SEK  8PLN  7.09₪ 


Active substances: Retinolum


Vendor, principal: Marbiofarm A/s
Product is not classified as medicament-drug in Latvia.

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Retinolio acetato (vitamino A) 3.44 % aliejinis tirpalas, 10 ml


Retinol acetate (A vit.), oil, 10ml

The Marbiopharm enterprise is engaged in the production and sale of vitamin A (retinol acetate 3.44%), and on the company's official website you can, on favorable terms, wholesale, buy the drug with delivery to any city in Russia. All products are of impeccable quality and fully comply with modern world-class standards, which is reflected in the special documentation. Favorable wholesale conditions apply to pharmaceutical distributors, under which we offer our own production of vitamin A (retinol acetate 3.44%) at purchase prices. Description and Composition of Vitamin A Vitamin A from our production is available in the form of a clear, oily liquid and comes in orange glass bottles. At the moment, you can wholesale buy bottles of 50 and 100 ml. The color of the solution is from light yellow to dark yellow. The drug is intended for external use or for oral administration. The composition of vitamin A of our production includes the following components: Retinol acetate (34.4 or 86.0 g), or imported oil concentrate 1,500,000 IU / g (66.67 or 166.67 g), or imported oil concentrate 2,800,000 IU / g (35.72 or 89.29 g) ; Butyloxytoluene (1.5 or 3.75 g); Refined deodorized sunflower oil (up to 1l). Pharmacological properties Vitamin A normalizes metabolism, has a general strengthening effect on the human body, participates in redox processes and photoreception processes (helps to improve visual adaptation in the dark), as well as in the synthesis of lipids, proteins, mucopolysaccharides, glycosaminoglycans, in the formation of cholesterol and in mineral metabolism. The drug promotes the production of trypsin and lipase, has a positive effect on the processes of cell division, enhances myelopoiesis, increases the resistance of the human body to infections, slows down the keratinization process. Indications for use The use of the solution is prescribed for vitamin A and hypovitaminosis, as well as in complex therapy for diseases associated with an increased need for vitamin A: "Cold" and infectious and inflammatory diseases. Can take place in acute and chronic form. Diseases and lesions of the skin. Burns and frostbite of the 1st degree, hyperkeratosis, ichthyosis, psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, some forms of eczema, neurodermatitis. Gastrointestinal diseases associated with impaired absorption of vitamin A. Diarrhea, gastroectomy, celiac disease, steatorrhea, malabsorption syndrome, Crohn's disease. Eye diseases. Hemeralopia, retinitis pigmentosa, keratomalacia, xerophthalmia, eczematous lesions of the eyelids. Contraindications Vitamin A, a description of which is presented on our official website, is contraindicated in: Hypervitaminosis A; Hypersensitivity to the components of the drug; Pregnancy Chronic pancreatitis; Gallstone disease; Acute inflammatory diseases of the skin. The use of the substance is not recommended for children under seven years of age. With caution, the solution is prescribed for elderly patients, as well as for heart failure 2-3 degrees, nephritis, cirrhosis, alcoholism, renal failure, viral hepatitis. Dosage and administration Vitamin A manufactured by Marbiopharm OJSC should be used under medical supervision. It is recommended to take the solution orally in the early morning or late evening 10-15 minutes after eating. The maximum single therapeutic dose for adults is 50,000 IU, daily - 100,000 IU. The maximum single therapeutic dose for children is 5000ME, daily - 20000ME. Adults with eye disease are prescribed 50,000-100,000 IU of vitamin A per day (10-20 drops of a solution) while taking 0.02 riboflavin. For skin diseases, the daily dose for adults is 50,000-100,000 IU of vitamin A, for children - 5000-20000 IU. External use is indicated for burns and frostbite. A thoroughly cleaned affected area of the skin is lubricated with an oil solution, a gauze bandage is applied on top. The procedure should be repeated 5-6 times a day. As epithelialization and scarring, the number of procedures is reduced to 1 time per day. In this case, intramuscular injections of vitamin A are simultaneously prescribed, or the administration of this drug inside. Side effects Allergic reactions are possible to the vitamin A components of our production. Long-term solution therapy can lead to hypervitaminosis A and intoxication of the body. With hypervitaminosis A, adults may experience headaches, lethargy, drowsiness, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, irritability, peeling of the lips, ulcers on the oral mucosa, bleeding gums, increased intracranial pressure, facial hyperemia, impaired gait, leg pain. In children, this condition manifests itself in the form of drowsiness, fever, vomiting, sweating, skin rashes. In infants, hydrocephalus may develop, an overdose of fontanel also indicates an overdose.

Food supplement: www.pvd.gov.lv

Information source: shop.violafarma.lv

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